Route to Maui: visas wear your passion!




If you plan to move to the US with your ohana you need a Visa which allow you and the members of your family to legally work there… First of all I need to gather information about US permanent residence or work Visas.

Ok, here it is a starting point:

The Green Card Lottery (aka “Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery”) entry point:

If you have any good entrepreneurial idea then an eye must definitely be kept on the StartUp Visa Act, S. 3029 (by John Kerry (D-MA) & Richard Lugar (R-IN)) which aims to improve the current EB-5 Visa.

By the way if you are reading this post of mine and feel that the StartUp Visa Act is a good thing for the US, please give your endorsement or support to this proposal by Senators Kerry and Lugar.



Route to Maui wear your passion!



We are back in Italy.

4 days ago we landed after the two days journey from Kahului to Linate. On Monday we went back to work, but, this is weird, the sadness for leaving our Hawaiian paradise was not as bad as I expected.

While driving on the A4 hwy slower than usual, I realized that that was one less among the many trips I will have to go as a commuter to Milano. 
A decision was taken.
I do not know yet how and when but one day or another we will move to Maui. That’s a fact.

Now the bricks of this goal still need to be built and put together but the Route to Maui has been undertaken.