Route to Maui: The Aloha. wear your passion!



From the book Affordable Paradise by H.Skip Thomsen.

Chapter 1 – The Dream

There’s a magical, special feeling in these Islands of Hawai’i. Those of us who live here call it Aloha. It’s alive and well, and to some it’s so powerful and pervasive that it soon becomes an essential part of life. To many people, this feeling is a huge part of why we are here…but in any event it’s the mystique and power of the Islands that brings them to this extraordinary destination in the first place, and in the end it is what keeps them here forever.

To others, these feelings seem not to exist…

There are few places on Earth that cast this kind of spell on their guests. If you are one of the dreamers, take heart! If it is truly your desire, you can live that dream.