Push loop into front loop!

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    Qui siamo oltre i limiti finora conosciuti! La combinazione di un push loop e un front loop nella stessa manovra ancora non si era vista.

    Il primo a completarla è stato il brasiliano Kauli Seadi. Ecco il suo racconto:

So basically, this move was finally nailed… Many sailors have thought about the move without managing to accomplish it. I have seen video footage of Ricardo Campello trying it once in Lanazarote and it looked insane, so I always felt like trying but was afraid. This summer I started riding motocross and I realized that the risk for us windsurfers to get hurt is much smaller as we fall on the water… Then I came to Maui, for a few days there was just jumping going on so I decided to try something new… I set that move as my target !!!
I tried one day at Camp One, going through the movements in my head and then I went to Lanes where there are a little bigger waves and I landed 2 on the same day !!!
I’m super happy because that opens a whole new window for new jump moves on waves!!! Combinations of different rotations looks so cool… Push into forward loop… I will call it the Seadimove and I hope it will go down in windsurf history… No more porno names for moves !!!

Kauli Seadi

And now take a look: